Use Roku Gaming Remote To Play The Popular Games

Roku gaming remote has amazing features and is compatible to use with Roku devices. Use the Remote and find innovative ways to play the popular Games. Excellent features of the remote attract most of the Roku users.

Gaming Remote and its features

  • The remote uses Infrared to communicate with the player. Hence it is essential to ensure that you never place other devices in front of the player.
  • Remote has dedicated Gaming buttons A and B.
  • Point- to- anywhere remote.
  • To replay the games, use the instant replay options and back options.
  • Roku gaming remote comes with 2 GB micro SD card and a free copy of popular games.
  • Use the options button to choose the channel selections. In addition, you have the channel shortcut buttons for the same.
  • Headphone jack and volume control to listen to popular and best tunes.
  • Gaming remote is compatible to use with Roku 3 models, 4320 and 4200.
  • Use headphones with the remote
  • In addition, RF technology helps you to control your player from closed cabinets or walls.
  • Roku 3 enhanced gaming remote is compatible to use with Roku 3.
  • Roku remote is cleaned, tested and inspected for quality assurance.
  • Enjoy all your games with motion control options.

Built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and Motion sensor

The Remote has built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and a motion sensor. Most of the popular games use the motion sensor.

Roku enhanced gaming remote

Roku enhanced gaming remote has Voice Search feature to search using your voice Turn on your device and operate it using the remote.

Troubleshoot Roku remote

  • Replace and reinsert the batteries.
  • Use new batteries if the existing one is not working.
  • Try restarting your Roku device to use the remote.
  • Choose the compatible games to play with the remote.

Purchase the Roku gaming remote to play all your favourite games.

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