Steps to Activate or link your Roku Streaming Device

Activate Your Roku

After you buy a new Roku device, you should first activate the device to enjoy all the streaming contents. For that, you need to have a Roku account. You should link the device to a Roku account to activate it. Follow the steps to activate or link your Roku streaming device as you find below.

Basic Setup:

The following steps given below are the set of instructions that are common for any Roku streaming player.

Choose the right cable:

  • Roku player will work on any TV that has HDMI connectivity.
  • Use high-speed HDMI cable when you connect your Roku streaming device to your TV.
  • If you are using older model TVs, you can opt for the standard composite video connection.

Setting up your Roku device:

  • Connect your Roku streaming player and your TV using the appropriate cable. (HDMI/composite cables)
  • Certain model Roku devices comes with Ethernet port. You can choose to connect to the internet using the Ethernet cable.
  • If your model of Roku device does not have an Ethernet port, then connect the device to a wireless network.
  • For Using the Ethernet cable:
    • Connect the Ethernet cord one end to the device and the other end to any available slot on the router.
  • For wireless connectivity read under the device setup section.
  • Connect the power cord to the device and to a wall mount power supply.
  • If it’s a streaming stick, you can directly insert the dongle on to the TV to power it.
  • You can also power the streaming stick using a USB cable with external power supply.
  • Remove the back cover of the Roku remote.
  • Insert the batteries into the remote. Put the cover back and close the remote.
  • Make sure you choose the correct input source on your TV.
  • Power on your Roku device. On your TV screen you will see the logo of Roku.

Device setup:

After you do the basic setup, power on the Roku device. See the Roku logo on the screen. After you see that, do the following steps given below.

Language selection:

  • Choose your desired language first. Make sure you choose your language carefully.
  • Use the Roku remote to navigate and scroll up and down and click ok to confirm the language selection.

Wireless network connectivity:

  • Connect your Roku device now to a wireless network
  • If you have chosen a wired connection then skip the below steps.
  • From the list of wireless network choose your network name.
  • Provide the password you have set for your network.
  • Click on Scan if you cannot find your network.
  • Make sure you provide the password carefully. Keep in mind passwords are case sensitive.
  • Choose the show password option so that you can provide the password without a mistake.
  • Click on Connect after you provide the password.
  • After you connect it to the wireless network, the device will update its software to the latest.
  • After the download is complete, install the updated software and reboot it.

Display Type:

  • You do not have to manually configure the display settings.
  • Based on your HDMI connection the Roku player will automatically set the display resolution.
  • Click on settings using the Roku remote.
  • Choose Display Type from the settings menu and change the display settings manually.

Activating the Roku device:

  • You will receive an activation code after your Roku device downloads the latest software after you connect to the internet.
  • Make a note of the code.
  • Visit the Roku website using your mobile or computer.
  • On the website, provide the activation code you have taken down.
  • Click on submit after you enter the code.

Make sure you complete all the instructions you see on the screen. Skipping a step may not activate your device.

  • Log in with your Roku sign-in credentials. If you do not have a Roku account, create one using the steps given below.
  • After you sign in to your account, use the payment methods you have saved when creating the account to purchase a channel (is it is a paid channel).
  • You can also create a pin to secure your payment information and prevent unauthorized purchases.
  • You have successfully linked your Roku device to a Roku account.

Create a Roku account:

After you complete the basic setup, you should activate your Roku device. To do that, you need to have a Roku account. Create a Roku account with the following steps. Roku account keeps track of which Roku device you own.

  • Click on the signup page on the Roku website.
  • Choose create account from the login page.
  • Fill in the Sign-up form. Make sure you have a valid email address to create the Roku account.
  • Provide a password to protect the account.
  • Give the payment details such as your credit card number.

Note: Remember there is no charge for creating a Roku account

  • Use the payment details you provide to purchase a channel or pay a subscription.

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