Home Network

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Technical support provided for home network.
Our trained technicians are at your
service round the clock..


Technology for Small Office

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We know how essential IT support is for small offices.
From network configuration to the support individual components,
you can trust our experts to work as your personal technicians.


Technology for Enterprises

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We use our state of the art remote support
to provide technical assistance for enterprise solutions
like internet security, performance tuning, system migration etc.


Support provided in the setup and configuration of printers, streaming devices like roku, desktop and laptop performance tuning etc.


Assistance in installing driver softwares, operating systems, Email configuration, browser support etc. by trained professionals.


Our technicians are experts in Antivirus and malware support. They remove the infected viruses and make sure your system is not infected again.



  • Printer setup and configuration

    We take care of your Printer Configuration and setup in windows and Mac, Printer driver installation, Installation error, Wireless printer setup, Network printer setup, Printer service and maintenance.

  • Roku setup and configuration

    Our team of technicians are experts in Roku set up and configuration, Streaming Stick configuration, Channel Customization, Wireless setup of Roku, M-Go account setup, Netflix support etc.

  • Operating System installation

    Your computer is safe in our hands. Be it the installation and configuration of operating systems like Windows or Mac, or fixing issues like password recovery, Non responding programs or performance tuning, we take care of them all.

  • Email Configuration

    Our trained technician have years of experience in email client configuration like outlook and at&t. We also assist in fixing the issues like problem in sending and receiving emails, version upgrade, unresponsive email client etc.

  • Antivirus support

    We provide antivirus support through remote assistance in installing, uninstalling and configuring antivirus software, removing malware, removing virus from system registry, removing virus from USB drive, scheduling automated virus and malware scan etc.

  • Browser Support

    Technical support provided for browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari etc. We fix issues like unable to open the browser, unexpected browser crash, unable to open websites, erros like page cannot be displayed, server not found and the such.


Techpal365 provides Technical assistance for all kind of technical issues 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Call our toll free number any time of the day and any day of the year.Our experts will explain you the instruction step by step in simple language to carry out the task.

Chat with a Technician

Chat with our technician. He/She will be happy to assist you by explaining the instructions through chat, which makes the understanding of the issue more clear.

Support via Remote Login

Our technicians will connect to your computer through remote login. They can install the required software you need or configure your system while you sit and enjoy watching.

Basic Fix
1 Time Basic Fix
Supports 1 PC or 1 Printer + Home Networking
Instant Online Assistance
Valid for 48 Hours
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Standard Fix
1 Time Standard Fix
Supports 1 PC or 1 Printer + Home Networking
Instant Online Assistance
Valid for 4 Days
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Ultimate Fix
90 Days 24/7 Suppor
Supports 1 PC + 1 Printer + Home Networking
Instant Online Assistance
6 Tune Up’s for 90 Days
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